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Remus Lupin Fan Club
Becoming a Member

This is where you can join the club.

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How Do I Join?

To join we need you to send us an email (see the contact page) with answers to these questions:  (i will answer in order to show you) Also we need your forum name so sign on there first!
First name: Jessie
Age: 15
Birthday: May 13th
Sex: girl
Favorite HP book: 4th
Favorite Character (besides Remus): Sirius, Dumbledore or Hermione
What could the RLFC do to make this site more fun:
What is your forum name? presjessie

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in Remus Lupin. We aren't picky about members and will accept anyone who wants to join.

Benefits of Joining

The benefits are that you get to chat with oodles of people about a great and noble subject: Remus Lupin and other Harry Potter related issues! And most likely you will make friends with other members. So what's not to love??

RLFC *The moon is a harsh mistress*